This is an old cell phone charger that I use to supply power to the LED light.

Solution Found

Easy to see powder charge with this light installed.

Light on Your Work Area

This photo give an idea of the size of the LED light-strip.  The back is a thin aluminum. 

This is the backside of the Palm Light package.

This shows the light in operation on the Lee Load Master press loading 9mm Luger.

The Lee Load Master 

This shows the palm light opened up and the light-strip lit to max level. Very bright!

This shows the package the LED Palm Light came in.

This shows the light as mounted and turned on.

I had my Load Master for a while now.  Having enough light to keep watch of the loading process is key to making good ammo and avoiding problems like double charging or missing a power drop.  There are kits online to provide added lighting to your press.  Most start in the price range of $30 or more.  This was a little higher than I was willing to go.

While at my local home improvement store I notice a new display of battery powered portable lights.  Most of them were LED powered.  I found the Lux-PRO "Broadbeam Palm Light" (Image 1).  This palm size package has three LEDs that shine like a regular flashlight at one end of the case.  On the side is a LED strip.  There is also a switch that will toggle from the three LEDs to the strip LED, to a lower level brightness and then off.  The amount of light that it produces is simple amazing.  Not only is it bright, but there is no off color like some fluorescent light have.  The best part, this unit is $7.

‚ÄčThis got me thinking and wondering if this might be the answer to my Load Master light.  I made my purchase and headed home with this new LED light.